Berliner Pilsner was founded in East Berlin – its bear logo is coloured red until this day.


The opening of the TV tower at Alexanderplatz which allowed everyone with a Berliner Pilsner to look out into the West.


The Berlin wall fell and Berliner Pilsner was in the middle of it.


The Legendary Techno club Tresor opened its doors. Here you could always find Berliner Pilsner on the dancefloor.


While the artist Christo wrapped the Reichstag building, Berliner Pilsner unwrapped a new design.


The first Carnival of Cultures takes place – a movement, a parade, a party and lots of Berliner Pilsner. Since then the beer is present at every Pentecost.


Opening of the Superclub Ostgut. As the name reveals: Berliner Pilsner is present!


Berliner Pilsner sponsors the 1. FC Union club since 2000/2001. Here football is as football should be and the only right beer is Berliner Pilsner.


In 2004 the first Flea Market at Mauerpark is a fact. Existing until this day it is just as loved as Berliner Pilsner.


Opening of legendary BAR25. The legend came to its end in 2010 but had a successor named Kater Holzig. Berliner Pilsner lived through it all and is still here.


Berghain opened its doors in 2004 and is still going strong. It was a great year for Berlin and Berliner Pilsner.


In 2007 the Kit Kat Club moved into metro station Heinrich-Heine-Strasse. Pure hedonism!


Tempelhofer Feld – the biggest steppe landscape within a Metropolis.


Citadel Music Festival- every summer Berliner Pilsner rocks the walls for Berlin. Ok, and some say this also includes the district of Spandau.


Neukölln and Wedding, or Friedrichshain again. The West is always back by popular demand. Berliner Pilsner is present throughout all the changes of the city!

A Kreuzberg classic

Another day another experience. The “Oranienstraße” is probably the most famous street in Berlin. Running through the vivid district of Kreuzberg, the density of bars, clubs and popular sights is tremendous.

And just as the Sonnenallee, the Oranienstraße has many sightseeing treasures you won’t find in any mainstream travel guide. Just at the fire break wall of the residence at Oranienstraße 195, you can find the mural painting of the French artist “Victor Ash”. Called “Astronaut Cosmonaut” the French artist impressively showed his approach to the division of Berlin into east and west. Are you in for another memorable night? Because just around the corner is the legendary club “SO36” that opened up in the 1970s and has probably hosted every punk and ska band since then. But don´t worry, nowadays the club will also provide you with HipHop and electronic music artists. If you are too wasted from the past two days, the “Cake Club” provides you with a cosier atmosphere to party and drink. The Club opens its doors only at night but stays open till early in the morning. It might get cuddly at the bar sometimes, but you have plenty of space to dance to 80s, 90s and Euro-Trash in the back. Still too much for you today? Go and check out “Luzia” at Oranienstraße 34. The bar and café is located between Oranienstraße and Adalbertstraße right next to the Cake Club and guarantees you a more smooth and relaxed start into the night.

hidden magic

Plänterwald has one of Berlins largest green spaces. Doesn´t sound that interesting, right? But Plänterwald offers you something that you might not discover in every tourist guide...the “Spreepark“.

The Spreepark is one of THE lost places in Berlin you definitely need to visit! It´s an old abandoned theme park that has closed its gates back in 2001. Since then, the Spreepark was left on his own...doomed to rot. However those moldered rollercosters and plastic dinosaurs seem to be very apealing to thousands of visitors every year. But be careful. It´s forbidden to enter the theme park and as much as we´d like you to stay as long as you want, it might not be that “wunderbar“ to end up arrested. It´ll be safer to discover a few relicts of the park from a distance… or visit the “Sisyphos“ instead, just across the Spree. Sisyphos at the moment it´s one of Berlins most popular clubs for electronic music. The club area is set up like a micro-festival with stunning DJs playing all weekend from Friday through Monday morning. To cure your hangover there are plenty of restaurants and bars which provide you with delicious food and drinks. For example the “KLIPPER“. It´s one of the most recommended places and has the best fish specialities in Plänterwald fresh out of their own smoking house.

main artery of Neukölln

Neukölln is one of the most popular districts among young folks in Berlin. Right through the middle of Neukölln runs the “Sonnenallee“ - 3 miles long street constructed in the 19th century.

Halloumi, Falafel, Shawarma...the Sonnenallee offers you a wide range of delicious arabic food. For example the Arabic “CityChicken” at Sonnenallee 59 which is probably the best chicken restaurant one will find in the capital. And by the way, without too much pressure on your purse. Means, that you will still have money to get your mom a souvenir. But, besides all the restaurants and bars, there are more things to experience. For example those great mural paintings of the French artist group “CitéCréation“ painted in 2010 on the frontage of the buildings at Sonnenallee 307-309. Full up and enough impressions gathered for another night in Berlin? Then walk up north and find the notorious and legendary bar “Kaktus reloaded” at Sonnenallee 180. The parties are well known all across Berlin and the mixture of locals, foreigners, very affordable drinks and the landlord´s character will guarantee you a memorable night. If you want to go on partying, the “Griessmühle Club” at Sonnenallee 221 is your next destination. The club is directly located at the “Teltow river” and has a spacious outdoor area. Popular among locals, the Griessmühle provides you again with Berlin´s finest electro, techno and house music all week.